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Frigadon has developed a range of totally environmentally friendly packaged air cooled chillers using the natural HC refrigerants 404A, 407A or R1270. This range of chillers has now been extended to cover capacities between 29 to 342 kW at +7°C flow temperature and 15.6 to 200 kW at -8°C flow temperature (please see table on the back for an overview of the range).

All units are weather protected and can be sited outdoors in temperatures between -20°C and +38°C, for temperatures outside this range please contact Frigadon for special model.

Units come with the latest micro processor control systems where the 2, 3 and 4 circuit systems have automatic run time equalization between compressors and the 3 and 4 circuit system controllers have the possibility for ”BMS” ommunication.

Never before has it been so easy to install and commission a refrigeration system. All units come with complete controls and electrics as well as a built-in hydraulic kit with inverter drive circulation pump. Just connect the power supply and the flow/return pipes on the liquid side and you are ready to go!