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Main Control Box with Full Color TFT Touchscreen PLC Controls
Satellite Box with User-Configurable Recepticles (120V shown)

What if your grow room could communicate with you, wherever you are? Imagine receiving an email twice a day with the status of your room, as well as immediate notification by SMS or email in the event of a high temperature or CO2 alarm. What if inputs from photocells or motion sensors could be set to alert you in the event of activity? rowControlled has the all-in-one system for your room.

GrowControlled has developed a complete grow control system capable of fully automating your grow room system with the option to make it fully internet connected. Each grow controller is customized for your operation. You select the voltage, number and type of devices, and functions. GrowControlled provides a complete customized solution at a non-custom price.

A remote wall-mounted CO2/relative humidity & temperature sensor is connected to the system, allowing the sensor to be installed in the room with the control panel outside of the room. Receptacle output boxes are also remotely mounted inside the room, eliminating long high-voltage cords and cluttered installations.


  • Carbon Dioxide: 400-10,000 ppm (0.04-1.00%)
    <2% FS over life (15 years)
  • Relative Humidity: 0-100% RH, Non-condensing
    ±2% @ 20%-80% @ 77°F
  • Temperature: -58°F to 302°F, ±1.08°F @ 77°F
  • Each Receptacle is Completely User Configurable for lighting, humidification, dehumidification, add CO2, heating, cooling, ventilation, odor control, or general purpose timer controls
  • Full Color TFT Touchscreen
  • Optional email and remote control option available with data logging
  • Inputs for photocells, motion sensors, and door/window switches.
  • Optional input for energy usage monitoring (kWh)
  • Additional customization is possible from the factory